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These template sets were designed by olmnet for use with Mercantec's SoftCart™ system for e-commerce. They are flexible efficient and fully compatible with all store configurations available through SoftCart's Store Manager. Choose from the template sets below and view more information and working demos. All template sets are available through our on-line store.
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Custom SoftCart Templates
For custom design of templates and site development using SofCart contact OlmNet at olmnet@olmnet.com or call us at 212-265-4288

New from OlmNet

OlmNet Store Clerk™
Superb Navigation
Automatic Updates
Advanced Search Function
Works great with SoftCart

OlmNet Order Manager™
Live Order Database
Secure Maintenance through the Web
Universal Format
Custom Reports and Invoices

Free Templates!!!

The following Softcart Templates are available to you free!! Designed for SoftCart's e-commerce system they support all store configurations offered through Mercantec's Store Manager. They are fully operational* and compatible with Softcart versions 5.0 or later. As always you get OlmNet's superior and efficient design making your entire store easily accessible to the visitor though a consistent and appealing presentation.

* Free versions may not include the search function.
** A discrete link to OlmNet's website appears within the layout of all free Templates. Other promotional links may be included within the layouts of free Templates. (Purchased versions are free of any such links and make no reference to OlmNet).

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For more information and custom designs contact olmnet@olmnet.com or call 212-265-4288
© Copyright 2001, olmnet