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OlmNet Store Clerk™
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OlmNet Store Clerk

An exciting add on to Mercantec's SoftCart to accommodate complex store structures such as main and sub categories with clear menus and submenus. Pages with multiple products are presented in columns to minimize scrolling. Smart Search results include thumbnails and any other relevant information desired.

Main Categories / Sub Categories
Store Clerk accesses the product database you have created with Store Manager and organizes your store according to main and sub categories that you specify. All you have to do is add the name of the main category in front of the softcart category name.
For example:
Products with SoftCart Category "Basketball:T-Shirts" will be displayed under the sub-category "T-Shirts" within the main category "Basketball".
View Example
NOTE: Stores that have no need for the Main Category/Sub Category structure can still take advantage of the rest Store Clerk's advanced features! Example

Efficient Product Lists
Pages that display multiple products can be configured to arrange content in multiple columns in order to minimize scrolling.
Four Column Example
Two Column Example

Smart Search Results
Store Clerk comes with a smart search engine that searches the product database and returns products and categories containing the keyword arranged efficiently with pictures and any relevant information desired.
Sample Searches:   Search for Gloves        Search for Office

Display Priority
Tired of seeing your latest additions to your catalog appear at the end of the list?
Store Clerk is the perfect solution. All you have to do is assign ascending sku numbers. Store Clerk will sort your catalog and display your latest products at the top of the list!. And if that is not good enough OlmNet's Store Clerk can be configured to display your products according to a priority that you specify and control though Store Manager!

Featured Products
With Store Clerk you can select a small number of products to be featured on your home page or any other page of your website under headings such as "Featured Products" or "This Week's Hot Items" etc. And all this is done through Store Manager by entering "yes" in the "featured" option for the desired product. You may change them as often as you like. Store Clerk will automatically find and display your latest selection of featured items.
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Graphic Design & Layout
Store Clerk and all it's features can be implemented into any existing design to enhance the functionality of your existing site. If you already have a SoftCart Store or other website and would like to keep your current "look" OlmNet will configure Store Clerk to work with your current design and layout!

For more information and custom designs contact olmnet@olmnet.com or call 212-265-4288
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